The Brewmaker Premium range contains only top quality ingredients chosen for their authenticity. The range offers a wonderful choice of beer styles and cider for homebrewers who enjoy the idea of experimenting with different beer styles.

Brewmaker IPA

All Brewmaker kits are fast fermenting, fast clearing and use genuine brewers yeast to eradicate the yeasty “off” flavours sometimes associated with home brewed beers. It’s true! this kit needs little extra effort but additional luxury is guaranteed. Just add sugar and water to brew 40 pints.

Brewmaker Victorian Bitter

A very popular kit, the Victorian bitter is brewed in the style of a traditional English ale. Fast fermention and super clearing properties ensure a rapid ready to drink pint. Just add sugar and water to brew 40 pints.

Brewmaker Lager

Brewmaker Yorkshire Bitter

Brewmaker Pilsner Lager

Brewmaker Strong Export Bitter

Brewmaker Essential

Brewmaker Essential Bitter

Brewmaker Essential Lager

Brewmaker Essential Export Bitter

Brewmaker Essential Mild

Brewmaker Essential Scottish

Brewmaker Essential Yorkshire Bitter