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Bubbler Air Lock 2PK

This bubbler airlock is designed to fit into a cork or rubber bored bung which fits into the neck of a glass demijohn or into a grommit to fit onto a fermentation bin or plastic demijohn when brewing.
Fill the airlock up to half way with water which will allow the release of carbon dioxide during fermenting without letting harmful bacteria from the surrounding air into your home brew.

Bored Rubber Bung

This rubber bung is bored with a hole to fit a two piece or bubbler type airlock.
This is a rubber stopper to fit into the neck of a 1 gallon glass demijohn.

Solid Rubber Bung

This solid rubber bung fits into the neck of a 1 gallon glass demijohn.
It is useful for racking your wine after fermentation into a clean demijohn and then sealing the fermenter with this bung whilst the wine clears of sediment.
If you need a bung to use during fermentation you will need either a rubber or cork bung which has been bored with a hole to fit an airlock.

Glass Demijohn 4.5 Litre

A glass demijohn with 1 gallon / 6 bottles / 4.5 litres capacity .
It fits a bored rubber bung or cork to hold an airlock for fermenting, or a solid bung or cork if you want to store your home brew in the demijohn.
This sturdy fermenting bottle has two glass handles either side of the neck.

Glass Carboy 23 Litre

Litre capacity glass carboy for fermenting, clearing and maturing wine. This carboy comes with a cap which seals the carboy and can hold an airlock.
This glass carboy holds a 30 bottle wine kit, it’s dimensions are 27 cm diameter and 60cm high.

Carboy Handle

Carboy handle is designed to attach to the carboy neck to make it easier to lift and move around.
Fits a 23 litre glass carboy.

Fermenting Bin with Wide Screw Lid 30 Litre

This 30 litre (5 gallon) fermenting bin has a 4″ wide neck which is easy to get into and clean inside the barrel and a screw cap, fitted with a rubber bung and an airlock.
This fermenter is a solid piece of home brew equipment built to last, made from extra strong BPE free plastic, and has two handles either side of the top to make lifting it easier.
It is suitable for home brewing wine, beer or cider, and is a good bin to use for bottling and clearing your brew.
It can also be fitted with a dispensing tap on the side to make it easy to empty out, leaving any settled sediment behind.
The fermenter can also be used as a bottling dispenser, either filling bottles directly from the tap, or you may wish to use a bottling stick attached to the tap, for filling beer and wine bottles even more quickly and easily. The bottling stick allows you to fill bottles without having to turn the tap on and off.
Choose from the drop down menu to have the barrel sent to you either with or without a dispensing tap at the bottom of the bin.

Ferminting Bucket with Lid 15 Litre

Fermenting bins with graduated markings in gallons and litres on the side.
This fermenter is made from food grade, BPE free plastic manufactured in the UK.
Designed for fermenting or racking your home brew, these bins have a metal handle and a securely fitted air tight lid.

Ferminting Bucket with Lid 25 Litre

Fermenting bins with graduated markings in gallons and litres on the side.
This fermenter is made from food grade, BPE free plastic manufactured in the UK.
Designed for fermenting or racking your home brew, these bins have a metal handle and a securely fitted air tight lid.

Ferminting Bucket with Lid 33 Litre

litre capacity fermenting bin ( approx 7 gallons) made from food grade plastic.

This fermenter has graduated markings in litres on the outside, a metal handle, and a securely fitted, air tight lid which has a hole and rubber grommit to hold an airlock.

Heat Belt – Brew Belt+A1:A12

Wrap this heat belt around your fermenting bin (fits anything up to 30 litres), or a couple of demijohns, to keep your home brew warm when fermenting.
This rubber covered brew belt is safe to plug in and leave on to keep your brew going at the right temperature if the conditions are otherwise too cold for your brew to ferment.
Wrapping the brew belt around the middle of your fermenter gives a more even heat distribution than a heat pad.

Beer Pressure Barrel with Pin Valve

Beer Pressure Barrel with a 2 inch screw lid and valve of your choice. This beer barrel is pressurised to store and serve your beer from, and keep it carbonated to the last drop.
This beer keg holds a full 40 pints (25 litres or 5 gallons) of beer, lager or cider.
This Beer barrel is fitted with brass inlet valve to carbonated the keg and repressurise the barrel as the beer is poured. The valve also acts as a pressure release, allowing CO2 to escape if necessary. The barrel has an easy to use dispenser tap.
You can choose to have your barrel fitted with a pin valve which is compatible with either the sparklet gas bulbs, or an S30 valve which fits the Hambleton Bard large CO2 cannisters.

King Keg with Bottom Tap Beer Pressure Barrel

This King Keg is a premium quality beer pressure barrel. It holds up to 5 gallons of beer ,cider or lager.
The King Keg is made with thicker plastic than a regular beer barrel, and is more robust. The King Keg also has two handles on the sides which make it easier to lift the Keg. The lid to the King Keg is 4″ wide, making it easy to get your hand into the inside of the Keg for cleaning. The barrel also has a pressure release system to aloow excess gas to escape if necessary.
This King Keg is fitted with a beer dispenser tap at the bottom of the Keg.

Co2 Gas Bulbs

CO2 gas carbon dioxide bulbs to be used with a bulb holder which fits onto the brass valve on our kegs and carbonates the beer inside.Look inside and see if the valve has a thin piercing pin, if so you should have the right valve, if not you can buy the valve and holder to fit your keg and use these CO2 or N2O bulbs.These CO2 gas bulbs hold 8 grams of Carbon Dioxide, there are 10 bulbs in the pack.

20 Glass Beer Bottles 500ML

Glass beer bottles. In amber glass 1 pint / 500 ml sized. Just what you need to bottle your beer, lager or cider.
Seal these bottles with a crown caps and a capper.

20 Swing Top Bottles

Wing top bottles for beer, lager, cider , sparkling wines or cordials.
These sturdy glass bottles are designed for bottling carbonated home brew. These self sealing flip top Grolsch style tops are ceramic with rubber seals, held in place with a metal fastener which are built to last. The rubber washers and ceramic lids can be replaced if required.

15 Wine Bottles Green/Clear

Glass wine bottles – for storing and serving your home brewed wine.
These bottles are the standard 75cl (750ml) sized wine bottle, designed to be sealed with corks.

Crown Capper

Twin lever crown capper for 26mm crown caps. This size is the standard for all bottles but

This sturdy crown capper is magnetised to hold the crown caps in place whilst you seal them.

Quickly and easily seals crown caps onto glass bottles by pulling the lever handles down.

If you are reusing glass bottles please make sure they are fit for the purpose, i.e. they have previously contained carbonated drinks, and never use chipped bottles. Always sterilise your bottles and crown caps before use.

For larger 29mm crown caps, you will need the Emily crown capper with interchangeable 26/29mm crimper cups.


Glass hydrometer. Essential to reading your alcohol content. Find out how to take a hydrometer reading – and why it is important, in our ‘Brewing Advice’ Section.

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