Woodfordes beer kits produce fine real ales.
Using only the finest malts, hops, water and yeast, they ensure that the beer you produce is full of flavour and true to taste.

Based on the award winning ales from the Woodfordes Norfolk Brewery.

The Woodfordes range have set the benchmark for all other beer kits to aspire to. Woodfordes do not use any wheat in any of their beer kits. As barley contains Hordein, they may not be suitable for the Gluten Intolerant, but they are completely free of wheat.


Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours. A background of sweet malt and hoppy grapefruit bitter finish characterises this bitter. This beer was voted the winner of Supreme Champion Beer of Britain Gold 1996. 3.8%abv. Woodforde’s Norfolk Ale Wherry beer kit makes 40 pints of bitter. An all malt beer kit . Just add water.


Woodfordes Sundew Real Ale Beer Kit has been released for sale at last. After extensive development by the Woodfordes Brewery, Woodfordes Sundew Beer Kit makes a gorgeous pale golden summer ale. Made using lager malts, Sundew has the distinctive hit of hops found in all of the Woodfordes home brew beer kits. Sundew beer has a delicate floral aroma and a mellow and dry taste. 4.2 %abv. Makes 40 pints an all malt beer kit. Just add water.

Nelsons Revenge

Rich and floral aromas, sweet Norfolk malts and a burst of citrus hops embody this mouthwatering premium beer. Awarded Cask Conditioned Best Bitter (silver) – 2005. 4.5% abv. Woodforde’s Norfolk Ales Nelsons Revenge beer kit makes 36 pints of bitter.An all malt beer kit . Just add water.


Admirals Reserve

Solid and generous sweet fruit flavours create a complex and satisfying dark chestnut-coloured beer. Wonderfully drinkable. 3Kg Real Ale Beer kit. All malt beer, Just add water to brew 32 pints